Download Free PremiumPress Responsive Shop Theme WordPress theme v8.3

This theme comes with a built in shopping cart basket so you don’t need any extra plugins or add-ons. You can add your own products via the admin area and setup descriptions, attributes (colors and sizes etc) pricing, taxes, shipping costs etc.

This search engine friendly theme provides everything you need to setup and manage an online store and is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
fixed issue with listing submission amount
fixed issue with some servers and language options
fixed issue with some servers and custom field display
fixed styling issue with map items
fixed radius display for KM display
fixed admin button (front end editor) style issue
fixed issue with child theme creation
added on/off switch for listing renewals
redesigned search page
redesigned author widget
redesigned star system
recoded distance search
recoded comments form

added click counter for outbound links

added new admin options for per page widths
added new admin options for additional header styles
added new admin options for displaying media upload types
added defaults for mobile web display

MJ added attachments to workflow
MJ fixed house percentage
AT added bid count to admin page

Demo PremiumPress Responsive Shop Theme v8.3